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Ashley Alexandra Seldon

Singer | Actress | Artist

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Sept 20th-June
1st National Tour: Tootsie the Musical

See Ashley Alexandra as Julie Nichols, somewhere in the country, on the 1st National Tour of Tootsie the Musical. 



Ashley Alexandra, as Michael’s love interest Julie, is the warm heart of the show.  -The San Diego Union-Tribune

Alexandra, incidentally, is delightful, and her powerful, controlled and impassioned singing is mesmerizing. -The Denver Post

"Alexandra charismatically gives the character both strength and vulnerability. " -Buffalo News

With a phenomenal voice that has a vastly surprising range, covering everything from the moody low notes to those fiercely high-belted soul notes, Ashley Alexandra gives a 100% earnest portrayal in this role, making the Julie Nichols character someone the audience is ready and willing to sympathize with, feel for, and cheer for all throughout the performance. Alexandra is sensitive and yet soulful, serious and yet humorous

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